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Primavera Sound Porto 2017

porto’s primavera sound may be the younger brother from the barcelona festival but he captures its essential in a beautiful venue – the city gardens by the sea. we tried to catch up with the full (as just one festival) line-up, trying to get here what we missed at barcelona. due profissional duties we intentional skipped day one. day two: angel angel was for some the best actress, but at the stage she got more noise that we were expecting. bon iver remained with the good acting from barcelona, nonethless the encore with all the group was not so good. like that justin vernon couldn’t delivered all its anger. hamilton leithauser with all his dreams made everyone happy and with a smile. nicolas jaar was the king of the night on a unxpected performance alone at the stage with his minimalist electronic atmosphere on improvised beats and samples. he could be playing just for him, he could be playing for 30 thousand people. he was always him, always honest with his music. day three: sampha …

Primavera Sound BCN 2017

primavera is more than a music festival. its dreamy sunset atmosphere at the industrial parc del forum is the perfect conclusion for a day as a continuous space to the frantic and colorful barcelona. it was the third year in a row and still, there were mysteries to unveil. this edition was a greedy one, even with frank ocean cancelation. day one:  the gorgeous glowing solange as sovereign of the main stage proving out she deserve all the lights on her, followed by the dark and noisy bon iver showing how intricated was their last album. for the encore, an angry and resentful justin vernon’s version of ‘skinny love’. there was also time check kevin morby and miguel. yeh, we did miss the surprise show by arcade fire (damn! to our roaming wifi). day two: the low profile sampha at rayban stage by the sea delivered his amazing and soulful music, it gets bigger every time we listen to it. the xx appeared to had grown in stage with time; we had seen their concert at the porto …

PJ Harvey – Let England Shake

we bought this vinyl after watching pj harvey at primavera sound festival in barcelona and then at nos primavera sound in porto. we heard a lot about pj harvey on being a goddess of rock, but what we found was a lot more. at first  we though it would be a very loud performance. but she was sublime, full of brass and strings, choirs and drums all in a perfect and accurate combination with her voice. let england shake is an 2011 album who features beautiful tracks like “let england shake”, “the words that maketh murder”, “on battleship hill” or “the glorious land”. “what is the glorious fruit of our land? its fruit is deformed children. what is the glorious fruit of our land? its fruit is orphaned children.” let england shake, pj harvey, 2011

Primavera Sound BCN 2016

second year at primavera sound barcelona. we missed radiohead, but there were amazing concerts there. it’s quite impossible not to enjoy music like this. what we saw: todd terje, kamasi washington, tame impala, lcd soundsystem u.s. girls, brian wilson sing pet sounds, explosions in the sky, deerhunter, pj harvey, sigur rós barcelona, spain | june 2016

Primavera Sound BCN 2015, [1]

first time at primavera sound, after some editions on nos primavera sound at porto. industrial set to a huge festival – to repeat. what we saw: antony and the johnsons,james blake, black keys and chet faker jose gonzalez, tobias jesso jr, perfume genius, alt-j unknown mortal orchestra, tune-yards, tori amos