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Porto’s record shops, part 1​

porto calling – loja de discos rua da conceição 80 – loja 2 – tel: 220 945 501, official site & facebook rock (all types and most of it), jazz, funk & soul. its name is a tribute to ‘london calling’ by the clash, and for sure you breathe a nostalgic british air at the store that gave it a friendly atmosphere inviting you to go there many times. it’s mostly rock, but exploring all the shelves you will get more than that. recent records and old gems can be found at this record shop somehow hidden from the main street and headed by a nice guy that really knows what is selling. louie louie rua do almada, 307 – tel: 222 010 384, official site & facebook everything & everything one of the oldest and still open record shops at porto. the place at almada’s street (there’s also a store at the portuguese capital), has a nice aura and you can find a bit of every type of music, from old bargains to the new …

Primavera Sound Porto 2017

porto’s primavera sound may be the younger brother from the barcelona festival but he captures its essential in a beautiful venue – the city gardens by the sea. we tried to catch up with the full (as just one festival) line-up, trying to get here what we missed at barcelona. due profissional duties we intentional skipped day one. day two: angel angel was for some the best actress, but at the stage she got more noise that we were expecting. bon iver remained with the good acting from barcelona, nonethless the encore with all the group was not so good. like that justin vernon couldn’t delivered all its anger. hamilton leithauser with all his dreams made everyone happy and with a smile. nicolas jaar was the king of the night on a unxpected performance alone at the stage with his minimalist electronic atmosphere on improvised beats and samples. he could be playing just for him, he could be playing for 30 thousand people. he was always him, always honest with his music. day three: sampha …

Tea time

cozy tea house by horta’s hill, CASA. enjoy the surroundings and the city view (and, of course, the majestic pico) inside you have a great collection of tea perfect for a wintery day or a cloudy classic azorean day. one of the nights there, we had the opportunity to listen to a show by medeiros/lucas, a great portuguese pair with azorean roots. check on them, please.  

Radiohead – In Rainbows

this is for sure one of the best records we have bought for our collection. in 2007, we got the cd version of radiohead‘s “in rainbows” and back then it sounded amazing. today with the collection we had to have the vinyl version. this is, certainly, the best album radiohead ever made. this vinyl was bought in a little shop at porto, portugal called louie louie and we were amazed when saw that was one of the first 2007 pressings from xl recordings, pressed directly from the master. the sound is amazingly clean. in rainbows is a 2007 album, which features amazing tracks like “house of cards”; “15 steps”; “jigsaw falling into place”; “nude”; “reckoner” or “bodysnatchers”. don’t get any big ideas they’re not gonna happen you paint yourself white and fill up with noise there’ll be something missing and now that you found it it’s gone in rainbows, radiohead, 2007

Arrábida, from the top

arrábida is not so iconic as the porto’s iron bridge of luis I,  although appears in the background of the majority of its stereotypical photos. work of edgar cardoso, completed in 1963, arrábida bridge has a privileged position as it stands at the end of douro, meeting the atlantic. we guess, as for us, that everyone who walk along the river wanted to climb it. since last month, that’s possible thanks to the project porto bridge climb. pretty safe and easy, there are only 262 steps to the top, enough to be 270m above the river. from the top of the concrete-arch the view is surprising – the city has some nice spots from where you can admire it, but from here porto looks amazing and brighter as an extension of river douro. its quite an intimist belvedere with an unexpected silence, once we could not listen the cars above or the city noise. porto | july 2016


its, beyond question, the longest night in porto. friends and family reunite to celebrate s. joão in a popular fashion walking around the city to find a nice spot to mount their grill to roast sardines and pork, drinking some wine and sharing stories and laughs. popular or portuguese folk music is essential, all the hits must be played to cheer everyone up. the bravest moment of the night is to launch a s.joão ballon. its a group work, with great expectations. its always an unforgettable moment when someone successfully put the ballon up, dressing the sky with flickering lights as in a starry night. around midnight, the fireworks over the bridge “d.luís” marks the  highest momentum of the night. from that, the tradition says that you should walk along the river “douro” until the coast. not so easy to do after some drinks, but you should try it once in your life. i waited one long hour for you and I would wait a year. say: should i wait some more, or won’t you could not love …

Gold at sunset

living at “porto” for some years, both of us can’t, at least for now, imagine our life in other city.  it’s not the same as when we got here, but there’s something constant and inexplicable with the golden light at sunset that warms and welcomes us to a long stay. “miradouro da vitória” is a privileged spot to appreciate this never ending light that everyone should experience. porto | january 2015