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Peter’s Café Sport

peter’s café sport is the classic binding spot in faial! after anchoring the sailboat in horta’s marina, drink a sailor’s gin and brag about your latest feats at the great and unknown sea, still with the taste of salt on the lips and skin cracked by the cold atlantic. years of endless conversations, miles and stories on the walls …

Gin Tinto Red Premium

the gin tinto red premium is the first red gin in the world and was manufactured in a small city in portugal; is quite an exquisite gin with a pleasant juniper flavor that insists to persist in our mouth. perfect for the last days of summer. ingredients: 50cl gin tinto red premium gin 200cl tonic water lemon / lime slices rosemary springs cardamom pods instructions: fill the glass with ice and whip up to chill; get rid of the excess of water; squeeze the lemon slice and join your cardamon pods; pour gin and tonic water; stir all together and garnish with a lemon peel. or fill the glass with ice and whip up to chill; get rid of the excess of water; squeeze the lime slice and join a fresh rosemary sprig; pour gin and tonic water; stir all together. serves: 1 glass: balloon glass – gin tinto red premium

Limoncello Collins

tom collins is one of the most famous gin cocktails, based on lemon juice and gin. it is believed to have originated with a waiter of that name who worked at limmer’s old house , which was a popular london hotel and coffee house around 1790–1817. nonetheless, the first recipe appeared in the 1876 and was made with old tom, a lightly sweetened gin popular at that time. the result was great and vastly became a success all over the world. now, imagine that with the italian lemon liqueur limoncello – perfect for a summer evening. ingredients: 50ml chilled limoncello 25ml gin 15ml fresh lemon juice 8 paper–thin lemon slices mint sprigs soda/tonic water instructions: in a  shaker, combine the limoncello, gin and lemon juice; press 3 thin lemon slices against the inside of each collins glasses. add ice to the glasses; stir the limoncello mixture and pour it into the glasses; stir soda into each drink and garnish with a mint sprig. serves: 1 glass: tom collins – limoncello collins

Basil Mash Gin

friday night is cocktail night at home. after a rough week we only want to chill at home and drink over it. this “basil mash gin” is one of our favourite cocktails – perfumed  fresh basil on a bitter gin is the perfect choice to kick out the week on a hot summer night. ingredients: 50ml gin 25ml lime juice 12,5ml simple syrup basil sugar instructions: add at least 8 basil leafs and sugar to base of cocktail shaker and muddle gently; add remaining ingredients, fill with ice and shake until chilled and infused; pour over prepared rocks glasses; garnish with additional basil leafs. serves: 1 glass: on the rocks – basil mash gin