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São Miguel [1], the mist

one of us was born in sao miguel, the other never been there. this was an obvious travel to enjoy together (and the first of many in azores). a popular song of azores is called “islands of brume” and we could testify that for the entire week being there. fortunately, at the very last day, the weather flipped (common in the archipelago weather) and for some hours we could experience some great light. nature itself we guess that everyone who visits são miguel gets mesmerized by its luxurious greens and unclassified lagoons.  nowadays, the world is discovering the azores and we found lots of tourists all around the island. hope they can respect this environment and preserve the island beauty. there are so many things to explore that everyone can trace its own path on the island and find a perfect place to stop and find how small we are in earth. sete cidades and the view of a king hell’s spot or a forgotten paradise under the skin experience fire walk with us across the island terra nostra garden furnas valley or the belly of …

A chapel of love

located by the south shore of “lagoa das furnas” you can find the amazing neo-gothic chapel of our lady of the victories. built on basalt, tuff and stained glass windows, the chapel emerges in the limit between the lake and the dense green forest; always involved in great mystery, as the brume in the island. it was an order of “josé do canto”, a local and important gentleman-farmer, in the 19th century, following a severe illness of his beloved wife. she unavoidably died and was buried there. later after his dead and by his wish, “josé do canto” was buried in the chapel next to his wife. s.miguel, azores | may 2015

Valley of the Yams

yams are edible tubers very popular in s.miguel (azores). the humidity and medium temperatures of the so called microclimate of “furnas valley” make it one of the best places to cultivate yams. poached of fried, there are many ways to eat yams. of course that everyone should try it in “cozido das furnas”, in which all the ingredients are cooked with natural volcanic heat. s.miguel, azores | may 2015

Furnas Lake Villas

on the lakeside of “lagoa das furnas” (s.miguel, azores), furnas lake villas is an amazing space to spend some days in the island. inspired in traditional warehouses and scandinavia architecture, the modular apartments offers us an updated rustic comfort to enjoy the nature all around. there are many activities that you can enjoy while being at the villas, but at our time there we got the typical azorean foggy days. even so, we tried to get the best of our time there and less than 5 minutes walking you can arrive to the lake and the outstanding chapel that decorates its outline. and less than 10 minutes driving you are at “furnas” centre. one of ours best memories, enjoying long mornings inside was the amazing breakfast delivered every day at the apartment in a basket full of fresh and local products, including “bolo levedo” (typical sweet bread of furnas valley).

Terra Nostra

at the center of the island of s.miguel (azores), “furnas” valley offers us many manifestations of active volcanic activity. terra nostra park holds one of those manifestations that was transformed in an artificial pool of hot, sulphuric and darkened waters. it can be strange to think in swim there, but we assure it worth every second inside. s.miguel, azores | may, 2015