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Arrábida, from the top

arrábida is not so iconic as the porto’s iron bridge of luis I,  although appears in the background of the majority of its stereotypical photos. work of edgar cardoso, completed in 1963, arrábida bridge has a privileged position as it stands at the end of douro, meeting the atlantic. we guess, as for us, that everyone who walk along the river wanted to climb it. since last month, that’s possible thanks to the project porto bridge climb. pretty safe and easy, there are only 262 steps to the top, enough to be 270m above the river. from the top of the concrete-arch the view is surprising – the city has some nice spots from where you can admire it, but from here porto looks amazing and brighter as an extension of river douro. its quite an intimist belvedere with an unexpected silence, once we could not listen the cars above or the city noise. porto | july 2016

Gold at sunset

living at “porto” for some years, both of us can’t, at least for now, imagine our life in other city.  it’s not the same as when we got here, but there’s something constant and inexplicable with the golden light at sunset that warms and welcomes us to a long stay. “miradouro da vitória” is a privileged spot to appreciate this never ending light that everyone should experience. porto | january 2015