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São Miguel [1], the mist

one of us was born in sao miguel, the other never been there. this was an obvious travel to enjoy together (and the first of many in azores). a popular song of azores is called “islands of brume” and we could testify that for the entire week being there. fortunately, at the very last day, the weather flipped (common in the archipelago weather) and for some hours we could experience some great light. nature itself we guess that everyone who visits são miguel gets mesmerized by its luxurious greens and unclassified lagoons.  nowadays, the world is discovering the azores and we found lots of tourists all around the island. hope they can respect this environment and preserve the island beauty. there are so many things to explore that everyone can trace its own path on the island and find a perfect place to stop and find how small we are in earth. sete cidades and the view of a king hell’s spot or a forgotten paradise under the skin experience fire walk with us across the island terra nostra garden furnas valley or the belly of …


not so far ago, the building in which “arquipélago” came to light was an alcohol factory/potato distillery. many was told and discussed on the importance or not of this industry to the island economy. in the latter years it was an abandoned building, but since march 29th, 2015 is holds a contemporary art centre with the big mission to promote an exchange between culture/art, locals/visitors, island/world – in a place so many times forgotten by everyone. s.miguel, azores | may, 2015