Month: September 2016

São Miguel [2], blue&green

back in the island for a family gathering around one of the ancient religious traditions in azores – the cult of holy spirit – we took the opportunity to continue our journey (re)discovering são miguel. our main objective was to go around the northeast side of the island once last time it was impossible due the mist. and…yes we were lucky! we enjoyed a clear vision of the impressive cliffs and gardens of nordeste and the infinite blue of a silenced atlantic just for us… nordeste, where green meets blue we could live by the sea… all of the light eat being at são miguel is almost mandatory, for us, to have dinner at our favourite vegetarian restaurant, rotas. the food continued amazing. from the same group that got up rotas, louvre michaelense was born from recovering an old storehouse and offers us a lot of handcrafted and local products, while you can have a nice coffee by the window. stay the nook hostel at ponta delgada was a great choice for the weekend, providing all the comfort and amenities …

Gin Tinto Red Premium

the gin tinto red premium is the first red gin in the world and was manufactured in a small city in portugal; is quite an exquisite gin with a pleasant juniper flavor that insists to persist in our mouth. perfect for the last days of summer. ingredients: 50cl gin tinto red premium gin 200cl tonic water lemon / lime slices rosemary springs cardamom pods instructions: fill the glass with ice and whip up to chill; get rid of the excess of water; squeeze the lemon slice and join your cardamon pods; pour gin and tonic water; stir all together and garnish with a lemon peel. or fill the glass with ice and whip up to chill; get rid of the excess of water; squeeze the lime slice and join a fresh rosemary sprig; pour gin and tonic water; stir all together. serves: 1 glass: balloon glass – gin tinto red premium


capelinhos volcano also known in the past as the mistery capelinhos woke up on september 27, 1957 and only a year later went asleep, changing the life of many people in the island. nowadays is an amazing manifestation of earth itself by its aridity and absence of life contrasting the abundant green of the rest of azores.