Month: August 2016

São Miguel [1], the mist

one of us was born in sao miguel, the other never been there. this was an obvious travel to enjoy together (and the first of many in azores). a popular song of azores is called “islands of brume” and we could testify that for the entire week being there. fortunately, at the very last day, the weather flipped (common in the archipelago weather) and for some hours we could experience some great light. nature itself we guess that everyone who visits são miguel gets mesmerized by its luxurious greens and unclassified lagoons.  nowadays, the world is discovering the azores and we found lots of tourists all around the island. hope they can respect this environment and preserve the island beauty. there are so many things to explore that everyone can trace its own path on the island and find a perfect place to stop and find how small we are in earth. sete cidades and the view of a king hell’s spot or a forgotten paradise under the skin experience fire walk with us across the island terra nostra garden furnas valley or the belly of …

Watermelon daiquiri

a classic daiquiri is the perfect combination of rum, lime juice and simple syrup.  there are many variations and blended flavors you can enjoy or try, but the watermelon one with triple sec is our favorite for this hot summer. ingredients: 100ml watermelon puree 50ml rum 25ml lime juice 15ml triple sec 12,5ml simple syrup sugar and watermelon slices instructions: puree watermelon in a blender or food processor and strain; rim rock glasses with lime and dip in sugar; in a shaker combine the watermelon, lime juice, rum, triple sec and simple syrup; fill with ice and shake until chilled; pour over prepared rocks glasses; garnish with a small slice of watermelon. serves: 1 glass: on the rocks – watermelon daiquiri

Mazagran, the portuguese one

when life gives you lemons, make mazagran. this is a quite popular summer drink in portugal, but the name appears to have origin in a fortress called mazagran in algiers, during the 1840 war. the legend tells that french soldiers used water in their coffee in the absence of milk and drank the beverage cold to counter the heat; sometimes they added brandy to help the time run faster. portuguese recipe is bolder and usually uses lemon juice instead of water and rum alternatively to brandy. ingredients: 50ml espresso 25ml dark rum fresh juice of 1 lemon 2 tablespoons granulated sugar ice instructions: add your sugar to hot espresso, stir until dissolved and cool for about 30 minutes; top expresso with rum and lemon juice, and stir together; pour over prepared iced tall glass; garnish with lemon slice. serves: 1 glass: tall glass – mazagran

Deep blue

nordeste was during many years called the 10th island of the archipelago due its geographic and social isolation. nowadays things are changing, but it continues to be the most untouched area of the island where its impossible don’t be amazed by the intense meeting of the endless atlantic blue and the luxurious green of the island. s.miguel, azores | april 2016

Louvre Michaelense

louvre michaelense is a hip shop selling products “made in portugal”, as so many others that are popping at every corner these days – craftwork, gourmet products, exquisite drinks (or a simple coffee) and, of course, new interpretations of our childhood products. when we visited it for the first time, we were expecting only local products but we guess it would be a rather ambitious project. the place where it stands was opened in 1904 as a millinery, but later became an haberdashery and its a quite comfy memoir going there with my mom to buy buttons and zips to her homemade clothes. with time, and portuguese financial crisis, it bankrupted and was abandoned for many years. its transformation as louvre michaelense was nicely done and i’m happy that the place has a new life in ponta delgada’s downtown.

The Azores by MONOCLE

last edition of monocle’s the escapist features the azores as a unique place to get move on. nonetheless, it focus only on são miguel forgetting the unity and bursting exquisite of all the archipelago. despite that, the essay nicely captures the evolution of an island that is finally opening its mysteries to the world.

A room with a view

if anyone told us that from a room at an abandoned hotel at sete cidades, s.miguel (azores) you could almost see paradise, we hardly believe it. open your mind because stuff like this can happen in azores – nature surpasses us at every inch of itself. one of many azorean legends says that there was a forbidden love between a blue eyed princess and a green eyed prince from different kingdoms in the island. in despair, both cried incessantly filling the crater of extinct volcanos with their tears, in which today lays down the blue and green lagoons of sete cidades. in days like the one we got, with few clouds, the colors are as intense as our desire for an happy end for this love. s.miguel, azores | april 2016