Month: July 2016

Radiohead – In Rainbows

this is for sure one of the best records we have bought for our collection. in 2007, we got the cd version of radiohead‘s “in rainbows” and back then it sounded amazing. today with the collection we had to have the vinyl version. this is, certainly, the best album radiohead ever made. this vinyl was bought in a little shop at porto, portugal called louie louie and we were amazed when saw that was one of the first 2007 pressings from xl recordings, pressed directly from the master. the sound is amazingly clean. in rainbows is a 2007 album, which features amazing tracks like “house of cards”; “15 steps”; “jigsaw falling into place”; “nude”; “reckoner” or “bodysnatchers”. don’t get any big ideas they’re not gonna happen you paint yourself white and fill up with noise there’ll be something missing and now that you found it it’s gone in rainbows, radiohead, 2007

Limoncello Collins

tom collins is one of the most famous gin cocktails, based on lemon juice and gin. it is believed to have originated with a waiter of that name who worked at limmer’s old house , which was a popular london hotel and coffee house around 1790–1817. nonetheless, the first recipe appeared in the 1876 and was made with old tom, a lightly sweetened gin popular at that time. the result was great and vastly became a success all over the world. now, imagine that with the italian lemon liqueur limoncello – perfect for a summer evening. ingredients: 50ml chilled limoncello 25ml gin 15ml fresh lemon juice 8 paper–thin lemon slices mint sprigs soda/tonic water instructions: in a  shaker, combine the limoncello, gin and lemon juice; press 3 thin lemon slices against the inside of each collins glasses. add ice to the glasses; stir the limoncello mixture and pour it into the glasses; stir soda into each drink and garnish with a mint sprig. serves: 1 glass: tom collins – limoncello collins

Joanna Newsom – Divers

joanna newsom is unquestionably one of the most beautiful voices we have heard. we saw her for the first time at casa da música at porto, and the instant impression was a fragile figure on a stage with a huge white harp. she sang, and sang, and sang. such a crystal voice, a delicate touch and a powerful presence. divers is an 2015 album, full of amazing tracks like “divers”; “sapokanikan”; “leaving the city”; and the most beautiful song of the album “time, as a symptom” “hardly seen, hardly felt– deep down where your fight is waiting down ’till the light in your eyes is fading: joy of life where i know that you can yield, when it comes down to it; bow like the field when the wind combs through it: joy of life and every little gust that chances through will dance in the dust of me and you with joy-of-life and in our perfect secret-keeping: one ear of corn n silent, reaping joy of life” divers, joanna newsom 2015

Top of the hill

located at the northern side of regents park, primrose hill offers the best panoramic view of london. don’t let the mist or cold take the better, even so london skyline is extraordinary and is worthy of a little effort. this grassy hill is a special place; at some point we are able to feel an inexplicable peace and freeddom. william blake wrote about it and its engraved in a stone there – i have conversed with the spiritual sun. i saw him on primrose hill. london | december 2014

Taste on the go

borough market is one of the largest and oldest food markets in london. its a mandatory spot for food lovers. the market is full of fresh and tasty food, being almost impossible don’t stop at each vendor and try a bit to everything. its nice to see how simple food and rich products brings people together laughing and sharing experiences. borought market & southwark | december 2014


london, uk | december 2014 london was our first trip. the city was no mystery for us, being and living there before. it was a perfect city to start travelling together and try to discover unknown places for both of us. we wish to say that for a weekend the city was ours, but time ran away faster than imagined and we discovered that the most important in travelling is enjoy small things without rushing our steps. it was mid december and the weather was all cloudy and it rained a bit. even so, we were able to enjoy the city in his splendour. don’t be intimidated by london’s foggy atmosphere. walking around london is always a new city, recreating itself as time goes by. there is always something new happening around the corner – the architectural rehabilitation of the southbank; the contrast between the colourful kitsch camden and the dark mysterious regents canal; and the surprising romantic panoramic view of london from primrose hill at the end of regent’s park. art for everyone we could spent a whole day in any museum in london and …